Wednesday, June 15, 2011

All the excitement--caught on film!

All photos courtesy of and copyright Viviann Kuehl 2011.

Headquarters at the Quilcene county park and campground, adjacent to the Community Center.

Prizes and entertainment (the guitar is the latter).

Lil was far and away the best dressed, and was accompanied on the ride by her Anti-Gravity Friendly Dragons.

"We ain't scared of no gravity"--awesome!

Youngest riders from left to right: Amanda, Rachel, and Lillian (yours truly).

 The crocs are pretty Quilbilly.

Amanda excited about her prize for Youngest Rider.

Rachel won a pineapple!

A father-daughter moment.

You mean I have to ride *up* the hills?!?

Clayton, caretaker of the Quilcene campground.  He was happy to have us there, and we owe much thanks to him for keeping everything so nice.

Mary and Jon were the last riders in.  They started off with Holy Moly You Made It All The Way Up?? Hill, and still climbed 5 difficult hills after that.

Jon won soap for completing most hills.

Viviann managed to ride a few hills in between helping to run Headquarters.

Organizer Lillian is very grateful for her parents' support.


  1. Nice job, you better get ready for big crowds the next time PAPA

  2. Great photos, great story! Hope to be there next year.